Our Programmes

Our beneficiaries are placed into a student support program which consists of the following projects, where attendance and active participation is mandatory:


As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Smart Foundation designed the Covid Program which educates the beneficiaries on how to limit the spread of Coronavirus. In this program, the beneficiaries are provided with personal protective equipment, being masks, gloves and sanitizers.

Smart Foundation and Allan Gray Orbis Foundation bursary Bootcamp

The Smart Foundation has partnered with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation to assists its deserving beneficiaries with applying for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. The boot camp seeks to;

  1. Create awareness about the bursary provided by Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and what that bursary entails.
  2. Inform the beneficiaries about the application process.
  3. Assist the beneficiaries in filling in the application form.
  4. Submit the application forms on their behalf.

The boot camp is a two hour long and interactive session with engagement from all the presenters and beneficiaires.

TEEEP with Smart Foundation

The Northern IIinois University (NIU) in partnership with South Africa YMCA as the implementing organization created “The Economic Entrepreneurial Education Program (TEEEP)” that teaches primary school children basics of economics and entrepreneurship. It is a sequential curriculum with 3 UNITS for :

  • children in the age group of 10-13 years old (Grade 5-7) running for 3 years. The Smart Foundation is the Ambassador for this program and runs it for its beneficiaries.

TEEEP is a fun and creative way to teach children economics and entrepreneurial concepts through fun techniques that ensures they make better economic decisions in their lives. It is essential to teach these important concepts and skills to children from an early age so that they recognize that the decisions they make today have an impact on their future well-being. Choices they make about stayingin school, about out-of-school activities and behaviors, the habits they develop in using money –all of these impact the life opportunities they will find in the future.

Soup and Porridge Day

Once a month, our beneficiaries are provided with a Holanathi meal pack to supplement their diet. Further to this, they are taught about the nutritional value of the food packs and how to incorporate it into their daily diet. Vegetable seedlings, compost and planting guides are included in the meal pack and beneficiaries are encouraged to exercise responsibility, independence and sustainability.

Mentoring with Gurus

Focuses on the development of the beneficiary through career guidance, advise and emotional development. We have identified various experts who share knowledge, skills, information, provide guidance and perspective with our beneficiaries. Our main aim for this project is to dare our beneficiaries to dream!